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Welcome to Zoos Matter. With the prolific postings of animal rights and welfare activists on the internet these days, those who wish to see zoos shut down and to close down important exhibits such as elephants and gorillas we felt it was important to level the playing field. To give those who believe in the value of zoos and their contributions to conservation and education to have a place to share their ideas and knowledge.This is a coalition of people coming together as a think tank where they can generate new ideas, educate and learn. Zoos represent hope, hope for a future for nature and wildlife. This is a place to explore critical thinking and solutions about zoos, the good the bad, the pros and the cons and what we can do to support the evolution of today’s modern zoos and their continued efforts to strive for improvements in the welfare of the animals in their care .  This is a place to sift through the propaganda and share the other perspective.  Share your stories share your ideas share links and videos and ask questions, always ask questions. have an open mind, be respectful of your fellow group members and always be rational. 

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