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Toronto Zoo Elephant Transport 80 is more than 30!


80 is MORE than 30!

80 > 30

80 is 50 more than 30!

If 30hrs on a truck is inhumane then 80hrs on truck is DEADLY

In this video clip City of Toronto Councillor and leader of the charge in favour of PAWS Michelle Berardinetti gives a heart felt plea to council to vote to not send the elephants to the National Elephant Center in Florida due to the 30 hour drive the elephants would face in transport  as opposed to a 5 hour flight to PAWS which they have been promising for almost two years. She promises that there are lots of planes! Yet barely two months later they have no air transport option and choose an 80+ road transport to PAWS.

I think it is clear council was voting to fly them to California! She begged and pleaded that the 30hr road trip to Florida was inhumane!

But an 80+hr drive to California is not?

Does the destination determine what distance

for transport is humane?

This is irrational ideology driven decision making

She is silent in the media where she once was prolific.  Zoocheck claims air transport was only because  Iringa, the oldest elephant had a foot which was not fully healed from a previous injury. But according to FOIA of email correspondence between Zoocheck and City Councillors it has only been barely healed since March of 2013. The zoo vet staff said no to road transport, the CEO and Zoo Board ignored their professional assessments and opposition once again in lieu of orders from Toronto City Council.

Since when does a politician know more about elephants

than zoological veterinarians?

Do we really believe that these vets invested in 10+ years of education and 30+ years of professional experience just to pander to

an accreditation organization?

That these vets are driven by greed to exploit animals?

Councillor Berardinetti has been virtually silent on this road transport since it was announced. All of council have remained silent. We imagine they all assume if anything happens to the elephants in transport they will all simply find a way to blame the zoo. We intend to post every single piece of truth we have to ensure that people know what really happened, at the very least to remind Councillors that 80 is more than 30. They chose ideology and egos over animal welfare, cost savings over the lives of these elephants. And now none of them have the courage or integrity to stand up and speak out or at least exercise some mathematical aptitude.

80 hours is more than 30 hours

4000km is more than 2000km

80 acres at PAWS is LESS than 225 acres at TNEC


  1. Kristen says:

    What can we do? Is there anything that the general public can do?

    • zoosmatter says:

      the best thing people can do at this time is to learn the facts on this issue and spread the word for us. We need to make this a media story around the world. If you have friends who tweet or blog then post the links to our blog posts, contact your local media. If you live in Toronto call your councillor, call your Mayor call the Ministry of Agriculture and let them know they must stand firm against this transport. Share and spread this story far and wide so that even if we cannot stop this terrible travesty of animal welfare injustice people will know the hypocrisy amongst this anti zoo movement and what they were willing to do just to win a “victory” against zoos! If you live in a city with a zoo share it with them and let them know that the Toronto Zoo is being held hostage by politicians and animal rights groups and they have been censored and disallowed from telling the public what they know which supports their concerns not only about this transport but the transfer but the tuberculosis risks as well. The cause supersedes true animal welfare and that is wrong no matter how anyone feels about zoos.

  2. Canadianna says:

    Why not hold an elephant habitat lottery. I would buy a ticket. Keep them here.

    • zoosmatter says:

      We would love to keep them here is we could build the new habitat and facilities they require! We would however like to fund raise to legally challenge this. Sadly time is running out and the egotistical animal liberationists at Toronto City Hall will stop at nothing to use these elephants as poster children for the anti zoo movement, even if it means killing them in the process.

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