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You can help Iringa, Toka and Thika make their way to Florida!

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UPDATE: our previous donations request was to aid in funding lobby costs for our beautiful elephants however since the recent decision by Toronto Council to hand over control of our zoo to anti zoo organizations clearly fundraising needs to be redirected. This will be a hard fight we will need support. If you want to save your zoo please find the role you can play, that could be a small donation or it could be helping at a rally or distributing flyers. If you have a skill which can aid in our efforts or valuable contacts pleas email us at savetorontozoo@gmail.com

We will leave the original post in tact below.

Zoos Matter is accepting donations to fund our continued effort to see justice for Iringa, Toka and Thika. It is expensive to lobby on behalf of these beautiful elephants. We are not affiliated with or funded by any organization and all costs incurred come out of our own pockets. Long distance phone calls, extreme internet bandwidth usage as well as printing, copying and other services are adding up. In order to maintain our efforts your help is appreciated.  As many of you know we are Toronto citizens fighting to have our Toronto Zoo elephants sent to a new home, free from disease and within a reasonable distance for humane and safe transport. Our City of Toronto politicians have overridden the zoological expertise of our zoo and are forcing these elephants to an unsuitable facility which does not meet the “safe from disease” or “humane transport” criteria of the Toronto Zoo or animal welfare and zoological experts from around the globe who are opposed to the destination chosen by City of Toronto politicians.

Please help us right this wrong and be a true animal welfare activist!

We are not currently a registered non-profit so we cannot provide tax receipts.

Thank you your ongoing support!

Our ladies thank you!

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