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Toronto Council hands zoo over to animal rights extremists

Dear members and supporters of the Toronto Zoo, yesterday Zoo Board member and city councillor Glenn Debaeremaker put a motion forward at city council http://app.toronto.ca/tmmis/viewAgendaItemHistory.do?item=2013.EX34.7 see item 1b. As you can see council has approved the allowance of 4 anti zoo animal rights groups to make decisions about the future of the Toronto Zoo. These organizations are 100% against zoos, they will begin systematically removing animals and exhibits and move them to their affiliated facilities as was the case with our elephants.They will start with all large iconic mammals, polar bears, bears, big cats and primates. With their allies on city council who are against zoos all their decision making will be approved. the agenda here is to shit down the Toronto Zoo, they want to be the first major city in North American which closes their zoo forever. If you are appalled and furious join the club. We are forming a citizen led fight against this action, they have no right to make this decision without public input and it is time to remove animal liberationists from our zoo board. You can email savetorontozoo@gmail.com to get on a mailing list. We will keep you informed about how you can get involved to stop City Hall from destroying our zoo any more than they already have in the last two years! We believe zoos matter and we love the Toronto Zoo. It is time to stand up to this.


as the item reads:

1b – Motion to Amend Item (Additional) moved by Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker (Carried)



1.         City Council request that the Toronto Zoo Board of Management convene an expert panel to undertake an animal collection welfare assessment and audit and create a scientific standard of care for the zoo animal collection, based on the biological and behavioural needs of the animals, relying on scientific data collected in situ; such expert panel be comprised of representatives from:


–           Canadian Federation of Humane Societies

–           Canadian Council on Animal Care

–           Canadian Veterinarian Medical Association

–            Zoocheck Canada

–            Bornfree Canada

–           Animal Alliance of Canada

–           Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food

–           Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


please research who and what these animal rights groups are. Their only idea of improving welfare in zoos is to shut zoos down. They are 100% anti captivity



  1. Vanaathiel says:

    Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Canadian Veterinarian Medical Association are NOT 100% anti captivity, just to be clear. They are 100% for the benefit of the animals. Sometimes what’s best for the animals is not best for the zoo. That being said, the rest of the groups are pretty ridiculous and deaf to any other opinion but their own it would seem. Zoos are important to animal conservation and they just don’t seem to get that.

    • zoosmatter says:

      Our concern is with the animal rights groups on the list which are not impartial and who will recommend removal of animals or increased standards which they know the Oo will not be able to afford and that will also result in removal of animals.

  2. Debbie says:

    This is totally ridiculous.
    What are they going to do with these domesticated animals? They can’t go to the wild. Many were bred in captivity and would die.
    They can’t go to other zoos. Many are at capacity and have neither the space or funding for them.
    Private homes? No. These are dangerous, LARGE carnivores for the most part. The average person has no idea how to properly feed and care for them.

    The activists are getting seriously out of hand. This needs to end NOW.
    Soon they will be in your homes, taking your pets. Stop them now.

  3. Thomas Kirby says:

    It is seriously demented and wrong to allow these people this kind of control. However they got it, our governments should have protected us from it and fought them to their death to prevent these fraudulent charities from doing these things to us.

    • zoosmatter says:

      We agree join on Facebook at zoos matter and save the Toronto zoo. These animal rights organizations are infiltrating Canada from the USA and they have plans. It isn’t just zoos, it is your pets and the golden ring, farming and farmers of livestock. They will use this committee to work their way into government officials back pockets and start a heavily funded lobby of Canadian government. Their goal is to influence our countries laws and legislation. This is just the tip of a huge iceberg which must be challenged.

      • Tom says:

        You are 100percent correct. If we, the majority, do not take a stand. They the VOCAL MINORITY, will RULE THIS LAND!!!!! Think about it people

  4. Only this council would want a board that is anti zoo to run the zoo. I was in the zoo the day it opened and I now I fear I will be there the day it closes. I remember being with a small group who “met the elephants” What a privilege. Since 1974 I have purchased memberships, or should I say passes for 4 children, 14 grandchildren, and my latest 2 great grand children. I can’t even say how many events I have attended there. Now I can’t even find out how many trumpeter swans are on site. To top it all off I see the zoo presenting itself as an organization on OASIS the other night as great conservation people. What crap! I will stop ranting for now but believe me I will be BACK to my local councillors office next week.

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