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Toronto Elephant transport Company couldn’t do the job

Considered a controversial figure in the exotic animal lifestyle and industry Mr Terranova has been the target of animal rights activists for years. That is how they get their media attention and make it appear as if they have a bigger following than they do. They latch on like ambulance chasers to whomever or whatever is the media story of the day, just as they  profit and gain from their exploitation of the Toronto Zoo elephants, using them as poster children for their movement. Despite what activists think of Mr. Terranova he was a witness to the failure of Active Environments failure to complete an elephant management job at the Dallas Zoo, just three years ago. This inability to complete this job was not listed on their resumes when they claimed to have moved 14 elephants and have 120yrs of combined experience. Perhaps they are including transport experience form the many times their sister company Ocean Adventures moved dolphins and false killer whales from Taiji, Japan’s the Cove to use them or sell them into the captive marine mammal industry?

This USDA testimony in a case involving Mr. Terranova evidences the USDA Elephant Field Specialist and animal rights/PAWS friendly Dr. Denise Sofranko’s incompetence as well as her successful attempt to contravene the USDA rules and regulations in the matter of Mr. Terranova. She doctored and manipulated a seizure order in accordance to her animal rights beliefs. Mr. Terranova’s lawyer points out how Ms. Sofranko is merely a vet, the kind which cares for dogs and cats and that her so called experience with elephants is not from any hands on experience. She uses the power of her position to harass zoos and circuses while allowing exemptions and lenience for sanctuaries like PAWS. She was the USDA representative who refused to cooperate with the Toronto Zoo vets when they were trying to conduct their due diligence on the PAWS sanctuary.


She is also responsible for aiding PAWS with keeping their tuberculosis outbreak quiet and aiding the effort to keep the sanctuary open when according to USDA TB management guidelines it should be considered under level 4 quarantine. In the same way that animal rights organizations have infiltrated the USDA Toronto Council has now invited these same organizations to infiltrate our Toronto Zoo with the sole purpose of closing it down and distributing the animals to their affiliated sanctuaries. This is the goal of Toronto City Council, they started with our elephants and now they are coming for the rest! This is a taxpayer owned zoo, it belongs to the people of this city not to a handful of animal liberationists on city council looking to pad their self serving egos.


October 11, 2013

My name is Doug Terranova. I have either worked with, handled, trained, or owned both African and Asian elephants for 43 years.
In February of 2010 I was hired as an elephant consultant by the Dallas Zoo to help facilitate the introduction of three separate pairs of African elephants into one compatible herd. I was aware that a company (Active Environments) had been on hand since December of 2009. Their representative was Margaret Whittaker. It was understood that Ms. Whittaker would be responsible for moving the two current elephants from one side of the zoo to the other. This involved crate training them, lifting them with a crane onto a flatbed truck, driving them across the zoo and unloading in the same manner.
By March of 2010 it was becoming apparent that Ms. Whittaker wasn’t going to be able to accomplish this task in a timely manner. I witnessed Ms. Whittaker continually blame an already shorthanded and stressed out elephant team for her inability to achieve her stated goal. I also witnessed Ms. Whittaker lose her composure while working with the elephant “Jenny” and scream and throw things in frustration.
By the middle of April Ms. Whittaker had ceased to be a relevant player in the move and Active Environments was released from the project. My duties involved working with the four elephants that were brought into quarantine, a position that required a great deal of time and, logistically split the team into two as it became difficult to travel between barns. The zoo hired a company, Natural Encounters, who brought their consultant, Alan Roocroft, into the team to work with the two elephants that were not in quarantine.
I am happy to report that, within the next five weeks Alan was able to accomplish the objective and those two elephants were moved safely into their new home.
Should there be any questions please feel free to contact me.

Doug Terranova

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