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Total Transparency – Can you do it PAWS?

Here’s the Pepsi Challenge for PAWS…if indeed PAWS are so confident that this journey has not been detrimental to these animals you should have absolutely no problems with allowing outsiders to witness the unloading and physical state of these 3 Elephants. Those with nothing to hide have nothing to fear …right??? So film it share it and prove it. From the moment they leave the crates. There is no reason not to make this public right away if in fact you think everything was A OK

We know that Winky from the Detroit Zoo collapsed a few times on her journey to PAWS and then she was unable to get up for over two days.
Show the Toronto Zoo elephants leaving their crates and being offloaded to prove that these animals have not suffered physically as a result of this inhumane road transport. As of 9:50am Sunday October 20, 2013 these animals have been chained in their crates for 72hrs.

It is time to start being honest PAWS.

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