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By popular demand! Adult cyber bullies.


Since angry animal rights activists are attempting to bully and personally harass anyone who challenges their belief systems  on the matter of PAWS, the Toronto Zoo elephant transfer and evidence of tuberculosis at the sanctuary we decided to migrate the blog to three more blog sites to make the information available to an even greater audience! We will also set up our own website and rename all of our Google docs to make them more accessible via internet search engines. Keep pushing and we will keep posting.

Zoos Matter has never published the personal photos or names  of anyone who has disagreed with us. We believe in fair play. We publish the facts and we publish the truth. We believe in free thinking, democracy and are opposed to the corporate group think mind control of large animal rights groups. True animal welfare happens when we think for ourselves. If the only response you have to the facts which have been posted is to attack and viscously harass people then clearly what we are posting has some merit. So to those interested in what has these individuals so angry please review our posts and the corresponding facts and official documents.

If you are being bullied on the internet remember there are organizations to help you. http://stopcyberbullying.org/




It is disheartening in this day and age when so many young people are taking their lives due to reckless and malicious bullying and cyber bullying to see grown adults behaving in the same manner. What does this this say about your character and the validity of the animal welfare work you claim to do? PAWS is a public organization which makes many negative claims against zoos and who engaged in a campaign of hate towards the Toronto Zoo where only one side of the story was being told, their side. They made very public claims about being a TB free facility which influenced popular opinion and council votes on the matter of the Toronto Zoo elephants. We merely scratched the surface to challenge those statements and then shared the evidence we uncovered. We defended our zoo and we stood up for true animal welfare with no spiritual leaders to guide us, no handbooks to follow, no corporate animal rights money to spew out PR campaigns. The only reaction activists seem capable of is reactionary anger, hate and an abuse of people’s democratic right to free speech. You push we post, again and again. more and more and more. Do you really believe they need YOU to defend them? That your contribution singularly has any value to them? These animal rights groups have millions of dollars and celebrities, you are nothing more than an expendable peon to them. You are being used. You believe that a handful of citizens is bullying a massive wealthy coalition of animal rights organizations and they need you to help them? lol.

Did you ever wonder if the endless rage filled vitriol of PAWS supporters towards the Toronto Zoo helped fuel the dedication of some to research the truth about tuberculosis? If you had just shut your mouths for even a millisecond those facts may never have been uncovered?  And did you ever wonder if your constant blathering about Zoos Matter, the people who researched TB at PAWS or the Toronto Zoo actually drives more supporters for the zoo or even drives away supporters of PAWS? Because you are the ones keeping this alive in social media for us and for that we are grateful. We have no money we are not funded by anyone so thanks for the free advertising!

Cyber bully statistics

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