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What can 84hrs in a crate do to a 43yr old elephant?

Toka’s new limp

Watch this video. The Toronto Zoo elephant’s arrival at PAWs after a gruelling and inhumane 70hr road trip and 85hrs trapped and chained in their crates. Did Toka ever have a limp before? No she did not. Anyone from Toronto could FOI her health records, she had no arthritis, no lameness. But as you can see she is limping, quite badly. But according to PAWS everything is OK!

The low grumbling you hear is the PAWS matriarch, the high pitched noise is Toka, it is a fearful sound according to the multiple elephant experts we asked. Without the familiar faces of their keepers their stress levels are high, as previously stated it was selfish and self serving for PAWS to kick the Toronto Zoo keepers out. They were not thinking of the elephant’s needs first just their own bitter animosity.

The other factor to note in this video is the complete and total lack of QUARANTINE! Yes that’s right no quarantine, if the resident elephants are within spraying distance that’s not quarantine. Of course I keep forgetting that sanctuaries are magical places.

Here you can watch Iringa, struggling with her gait. She did have some arthritis and a previous foot ailment on the the front left leg previous to transport but as you can see she is struggling, her walk is not natural. The elephants appear confused and do not acknowledge the staff. Toka, famous for snatching her bale of hay between her tusks does not do it here. If you dont believe that these elephants have been traumatized and physically damaged as a result of this inhumane road transport and the bitter refusal to allow their keepers to help the elephants adjust to their new home then you care about your PAWS worship and not the welfare of these elephants. Where are pictures and videos of Thika? It has been days since we saw anything of her. Thank god for the Toronto Keepers who were able to coax her out of crate after an hour, she was terrified and traumatized. Why? Aside from the road trip, well do we have a story to share with you. Stay tuned. If your devoted blind faith in this move as an act of altruistic animal welfare has still not been tested it soon will be.



  1. I watched what paws/ cbc referred to as a ” greeting” by paws ele’s. To me, the trumpeting and growling noises of the paws eles was a startled defensive reponse. I was hoping that a real expert might evaluate this. Is this what you are referring to?

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