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More lies abut Toronto Zoo elephants

more lies

Interesting how PAWS allows people to believe that the condition Thika arrived at PAWS in is somehow the condition she left Toronto in. Are you people so media illiterate that you cannot search pictures of Thika before she left the zoo? Another black mark against our CEO John Tracogna who allows this disparagement of our zoo to continue without taking a stand on behalf of our zoo and speaking out. It is time for Mr. Tracogna to move on. Thika was in perfect health when she left, what you saw after she arrived is a result of 71 hrs road transport, 84hrs in a crate, speeding trucks and burned out brakes, egos and arrogance racing to make press conferences and denying her long time keepers to remain on site for more than 6 hrs. She was traumatized, not by our zoo but by an inhumane road transport and pseudo animal welfare. If she dies 6 months from now how will you blame the zoo? Claim it was an underlying illness that our vets were too inept to diagnose?

healthy thika

Taken just a few weeks before she left. Does she look depressed and out of condition?

Lies, lies and more lies.

Tennessee is nice too? Coming soon, all about Sue the elephant. You can thank IDA and Durham Animal Rights for our new found interest in researching TES.

When you think of us, think of this….we are NEVER going away and we will NEVER stop exposing the truth. Ever.


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