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Elephants should be free, in the wild – listen to the wild

PRIORITIES ANTI POACHINGYes we hear this a lot from animal rights activists who lobby against zoos. One of the catchy catch phrases carefully formulated by the large animal rights groups who lead the army of zoo haters. But really, lets get a little perspective shall we.

Anti zoo organizations spend millions and millions AND MILLIONS of dollars on ad campaigns, lawyers and political lobbying to “save” the approximately 450 captive elephants in North America from what they claim are “prisons”, cruel horrible places. And you see the comment “let them be in the wild” so often that for those of us who understand how well cared for and important elephants in zoos are it is almost enough to make one sick to their stomach.

zoos matter

The wild? Last year almost 40,000 wild elephants were poached for their ivory. Ivory used to fund terrorist activities and wars. How soon do you think we will be able to stop that?  Yet millions of dollars are spent lobbying on behalf 450 captive elephants and what represents about 1% of the total number of elephants which were slaughtered last year alone. Perhaps the life of an elephant in a zoo is not as horrible as you want to believe or have been led to believe. And perhaps imagine for a moment what those millions of dollars could do to protect wild elephants by funding counter poaching units. Maybe the time right now is to come together to stop this madness and then you can get back to your business of fighting against zoos. Just listen to the sound of elephants being killed by poachers.

Maybe next time you are about to write “let them be in the wild where they belong” you will remember these chilling sounds and be grateful that there are people and facilities around the globe committed to making people care more about the plight of wild elephants.




  1. What are some ethical organizations fighting for elephants’ survival in the wild? (Fighting poaching and habitat destruction, etc.)

    Learning what I have about organizations that fundraise just to support themselves instead of their cause, I’m kinda cautious. I also want to make sure an organization I support is working *with* the local people to help the elephants, not just imposing themselves in an unsustainable way.

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