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Facts vs Fiction

There seems to be a misconception being perpetuated by animal rights fanatics that we here at Zoosmatter lobbied to keep our Toronto elephants at our zoo. This is not true and there is documented evidence throughout this blog and at City of Toronto Council and executive meetings proving otherwise. We would have preferred the zoo had fundraised and expanded the elephant exhibit and program but that was not to be the case with the coming of pandas. We supported a rehoming of our elephants, to a multi-generational family herd which would most mimic the lives led by their wild counterparts. We were against sending our elephants on long transports that would prove to be unhealthy and in the case of Iringa, deadly to the animals. We supported a move, just not to a facility with a long history of issues with tuberculosis and a known penchant for keeping facts and truths private as well as the promotion of agendas that denigrate and devalue the incredible conservation work being done by good zoos around the world.

Another misconception, well actually it is a blatant lie that PAWS needs to be called out on is that Toronto’s elephants were regularly chained other than for transport training. Why does the Toronto Zoo allow PAWS to allow its reputation to be damaged on the official webpage by not correcting this? Why does the zoo and PAWS allow these lies to be continually perpetuated? Enforce the contract Toronto Zoo Board because It is not true.

In fact the only time they were ever chained was when PAWS, Zoocheck and their anti-zoo army stepped in and forced an inhumane and ultimately deadly 85 hour road trip on them. Rest in peace Iringa.

Woodland Park Zoo's Bamboo and Chai integrated with multi-generational herd in less than three months

Woodland Park Zoo’s Bamboo and Chai integrated with multi-generational herd in less than three months


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