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Dear Jane Goodall, sorry but you are full of crap and you jumped the shark


You claim keeping a zoo elephant alone is hypocritewrong?

Ok well then lets hear what you have to say about Gypsy, Thika and Toka being kept isolated and alone at The Performing Animal Welfare Society. Why have you not spoken up about this? Remember the Toronto Zoo elephants? You supported the inhumane 85hr road transport of the three pachyderms to California. Within two months Thika was segregated and then lived alone for 18 months. By all accounts she is still living alone. Iringa died just 20 months after arriving at PAWS. Is an elephant living isolated and alone at a sanctuary aware of some kind of difference between its life at a zoo vs its life at a sanctuary? No, actually it is not. Elephants don’t cry and they don’t make comparisons of that sort. “Oh Im alone but I am at a sanctuary so its ok”, there are actually people who believe this nonsense and you, a renowned scientist promote and perpetuate this kind of ignorance and lack of logical and scientific thinking with your constant back and forth on your support of good zoos and your flip flopping and increasingly unimportant opinions.

None of the Toronto elephants have begun integration with PAWS existing African herd, and if you don’t remember the reason for the Toronto Zoo re-homing their elephants IT WAS TO ENHANCE THEIR SOCIAL WELL BEING.

Gypsy lives alone because her entire herd HAS DIED OFF after exposure to undiagnosed tuberculosis onsite at the PAWS sanctuary. Yet here you are blah blah blahhing again against good zoos. Throwing your primate expertise around like it was the word of god. You poked your nose into the Toronto Zoo elephant debate and ignored all the scientific evidence sent to you about tuberculosis at the facility then you did it again with the Woodland Park Zoo elephants and here you are again shopping for new elephants to fill the empty herds at PAWS and other sanctuaries who seem to have their own issues with keeping elephants alive and socially enriched. FYI The Woodland Park Zoo elephants were integrated into their new multi generational family group in less than three months….two years later The Toronto elephants are still not integrated. What do you have to say about that?

If you are going to speak out against a lone elephant in a zoo then it is your professional responsibility to also speak out about the lone elephants living at american sanctuaries. You have used zoos your entire life to inspire your love of wildlife, to fund your research and to aid in your many causes and organizations. How can you have any credibility as a scientist or any self respect for that matter if you don’t speak up about those lone sanctuary elephants? But it seems in your later years you have decided you no longer need zoos and be damned all the other young people out there who use zoos as a springboard to develop a love of the study of science and the natural world. I imagine if we just follow the money we would see what motivates you these days.

Once an idol for me you have become a joke, throwing your famous name around in the name of extremist dogma and donations. Its sad that you have become such a hypocrite in your old age.

You autographed books are off to the thrift store.

Can you tell the difference Jane?

Can you tell the difference?

Can you tell the difference?

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