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Liar Liar Pants on Fire!


It is the most common comment we get here at Zoos Matter and see on social media, you are liars. Yes that’s right we have spent 3 years carefully doctoring official government documents (lol) and posted them as facts without any legal repercussions. Of course the  army of blind faith animal rights followers wilfully avert their minds from rational thinking and we are the bad guys for exposing truths.

This comes as no surprise to us, it is the reason animal rights organizations like PETA rake in 25+ million dollars a years despite being exposed for the militant vegan movement it is and the deaths of 90% of the animals they take in, despite the Humane Society of United States being exposed for spending more money on lawyers and lobbying than actual animal welfare, less than 1% of what is donated. People just avoid those little truths so as to maintain their commitment to their personal self definitions as the chosen superior saviours of animals. Meanwhile corporate animal rights groups have destroyed the animal welfare movement, a more reasonable and realistic approach to hypocritehelping animals. By raking in those millions every year and diverting donations to themselves with slick ad campaigns HSUS, PETA and others have destroyed small animal rescue organizations which do the real work at ground level. But that is ok right? Because the big organizations have celebrities! OMG that is so much better than rolling up your sleeves with a bunch of nobody schmoes and really contributing. Faithfully reporting their propaganda online is much more effective and personally rewarding, right? More effective at giving you a sense of belonging to a cause with like minded people.  We get called many names, they amuse us. AZA Black Ops is a personal favourite.

Who are Zoos Matter? We get asked this a lot. We are not one person and we are not Toronto Zoo keepers as the ARA set would have people believe. The core of this 300+ organization is a research team of over 30 people from around the world, regular people with regular jobs, zoological experts, animal care experts, people from sanctuaries, zoos, animal welfare advocates and scientists. You see Zoos Matter is a cooperative, we do not have or follow one leader. We work cooperatively to research evaluate and analyse information. We have members who submit Freedom of Information requests, members who scour social media for information members, who scour the net for news stories and we have more who collect research papers facts and data and we have members who write blog posts. We don’t take money from people, we do this voluntarily and we are part of a growing coalition and opposition to animal rights propaganda which takes advantage of YOUR media illiteracy. You want names? Well that would be ludicrous now wouldn’t it? No one needs to be harassed by angry animal rights members. And yes that is what they do, harass you and try to intimidate you to shut up, to stop posting a differing opinions than their own or challenging their belief systems, the intolerance is astronomical. We are Zoos Matter, we and we work together for a common goal, the truth. We don’t care what you call us because we have news for you, we are adults and we surpassed the insecurity caused by ignorant bullies a very long time ago and these constant insults in lieu of intellect are less than juvenile, they are infantile. Our rational and truth based approach has the power to open minds and we are committed to this endeavour for as long as it takes for the truth to be known. The reputations of large corporate animal rights groups are dropping like flies out there, finally after years of dominating the media without vocal opposition the tide is changing. HSUS being exposed for misappropriation and misrepresentation of their donations, PETA for their extremists ties and general stupidity and hypocrisy and now Feld Entertainment (Ringling Brothers) is going to bring down more of them including Animal Protection Institute (Born Free USA) ASPCA and others. Their recent legal request for donors lists if accepted by the courts could be the final straw fr these organizations, that is of course of a $25 million payout doesn’t break them first. These animal rights groups are seeking a protection order, you can review the legal documents here. The exposure of these donors will be very telling indeed and we hope the courts comply with Feld’s request as it is a RICO case it is important to know where the money flows.

We have multiple FOI request in currently and will post the results as they come in. We will continue to follow PAWS and the Toronto Zoo 3 and challenge the lies which are being spread about the Toronto Zoo and the care they gave these elephants prior to transfer to PAWS. We will not allow PAWS or Zoocheck to blame the zoo for the current health condition of these elephants in an effort to alleviate responsibility and to exploit our elephants for their anti zoo causes nor will we allow their supporters to do the same. Responsibility for what you ask? For forcing a 71hr road transport which was deemed by multiple zoological experts to be inhumane and a threat to the elephants health and well being, and it appears their concerns were not unfounded.

2013-03-18 23.48.58PAWS is claiming the Tzoo3 have low vitamin E. This is in fact common amongst captive elephants and I dare PAWS to post their own elephants vitamin E reports. The Toronto Zoo elephants were given supplements for Vitamin E for years and received injections prior to transport, their Vitamin levels were and are public record and PAWS and Zoocheck had this information long before road transport  became what they claim was their only option. You see low vitamin E can contribute to white muscle diseases in transport, and it can also be mistaken for Capture Myopathy, a muscle exertion disease which can happen as a result of trauma due to transport. It is not surprising PAWS made this public statement as the Toronto Elephants are not looking well, in particular Thika the youngest elephant. We predicted they would look for something they could blame as an underlying cause for their condition, something they could use to throw back blame on to the zoo and deflect from the possibility that TRANSPORT caused their current state of health. Thika seems to have suffered the most and PAWS supporters seem to think this condition, her gaunt dehydrated appearance was her condition prior to transport. Of course just as these same activists cannot FOI the same documents we have in the past to prove we have not doctored a thing cannot also simply search pictures of the girls prior to transport and see that they were healthy robust elephants, not the withering elephants they are today.

But let’s get to the point of logic. We know this is a tough area for many PAWS supporters, logic and rational thinking so bear with us if the statement is oversimplified.

If the Toronto Zoo 3 were suffering from Vitamin E deficiency to a point that their health could be compromised during the inhumane long transport which was opposed by the Toronto Zoo vets and 5 vets from CFIA why then did the Oakland Zoo vets hired by PAWS to override the Tzoo vets sign on their health certificates for transport? They reviewed the elephant’s medical histories and they approved their health for transport. It was PAWS and Zoocheck who said it was ok to transport the girls 70hrs by truck despite their claims now that a vitamin deficiency is the cause of their current condition. But they took the risk anyway and now wish to blame the zoo? Or captivity in general we suppose. The zoo said NO. The zoo told all of you this was a risk and all of you chose to ignore these concerns convinced by propaganda that these vets were acting on behalf of the AZA or CAZA and not based on their professional ethics and concern for these animals,  because as we know only you and sanctuaries truly care about animals. But you didn’t care, all of you ignored the rational science based facts which evidence and supported the concerns about long distance road transport. All of you allowed Bob Barker to renege on his promise of air transport. Once again you were convinced it was the zoo’s fault somehow that air transport was not possible. Of course recently Mila from New Zealand was transported by air in the same plane and same modified crate designs which Zoocheck and PAWS rejected for the Toronto Zoo elephants and still you allow this without question, without scrutiny. If they had been flown would these elephants have suffered as they did over 71hrs on the road? If PAWS and Zoocheck were aware of the elephant’s health conditions literally years prior to transport and the Oakland vets reviewed current and past health records just weeks and days prior why on earth did they approve this transport knowing full well there was a health risk? Are they so arrogant that they think they can do no harm? If they are this arrogant it is because YOU the blind faith supporter never question, all you do is follow orders. Did Vitamin E deficiency contribute to capture myopathy in the Toronto Zoo elephants or did transport alone, 71hrs on the road and 84hrs in crates cause this? Either way, either or the Toronto Zoo vets opposed the road transport. They never faltered from their professional ethics.

If you truly care about animals then think for yourself and ask questions. Why did these organizations force this transfer by road knowing full well the medical risks involved?

And to those who believe they have pinpointed who each and everyone of us is, we are everywhere and we are everyone. And NO we will not approve your asinine commentary such as “you are liars” or “you will burn in hell”, if you have an intelligent fact based comment to make then make it otherwise take your commentary to one of the many groups you are a member of and continue to live in the dark, we are the light.

hypocrite (1)

Fact or Fiction? The Proppies and Truth for Toronto Zoo Elephants

Props to Ms. Woodyer adding to her long list of well deserved proppies

Props to Ms. Woodyer adding to her long list of well deserved proppies

Awarded to Zoocheck!

1. For publicly announcing that ALL the permits required to transport the Toronto Zoo elephants were in when clearly one of the most important permits had not been received yet we give one Proppie to Zoocheck’s Julie Woodyer

This press release went out from the zoo on September 18, 3013


Here in a Toronto Star Article Zoocheck Canada’s Julie Woodyer says

“It’s all come together,” Woodyer said. “The stars have finally lined up.”

All necessary permits are in and zoo CEO John Tracogna has approved the transport plan, which will see the elephant trio travel across the continent by truck, according to Woodyer.


Our letter from the  Ministry of Agriculture came in just 6 days after the zoo and Zoocheck made their announcements. See here for details.

Congratulations!! We cannot think of anyone more deserving and we are looking forward to many more!

Councillor Michelle Berardinetti- Broken Promises

Councillor Michelle Berardinetti - Broken promises

Councillor Berardinetti was committed to air transport, she promised air transport. On November 27, 2012 she told Toronto Council there were many planes, there was a pressurized plane waiting and that the flight to California was more humane than the 30hr truck transport to Florida. By January 2013 there were no planes? And an 65, 75, 80+hr? road transport to PAWS is ok? Demand answers! She made these statements at the  November 27, 2012 City Council Meeting  just a little over one month later they had NO PLANES and were lobbying the Royal Canadian Airforce for one?

What happened to…


We can only assume you found magic transport trucks that make

75+hrs seem like a 5 hour plane ride.

The beautiful Toronto Zoo elephants

The beautiful Toronto Zoo elephants

May they rest in peace. Toka and Iringa – best friends forever

Councillor De Baeremaeker the Emperor’s New Flip Flops

Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker, one of the lead supporters of the transfer of the Toronto Zoo elephants to the PAWS sanctuary 4200km away in California promoted Air transport over road transport and used Bob Barkers donated transport money to win public favour for the controversial move. A


In March 2013, just 6  months ago Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker endorses Air Transport for the Toronto Zoo elephants to PAWS which is 4200km away in California, well he supported it when he thought they could get a Canadian Air Force plane.

Glenn De Baeremaker how quickly you change your tune, here he promotes air transport and claims the transport take 4-5 days by truck!!! Just months later he says he has concerns about the plane transport and promotes truck transport saying it would only take 48 hrs! And he reminds us Bob Barker is paying??? Can you say flip flop?

Air vs Road transport for Toronto Zoo elephants

Air vs Road transport for Toronto Zoo elephants

More Suppression of the truth from City Hall

More Suppression of the truth from City Hall

Council rules supreme?! More suppression of the truth from City Hall – denies public access to the Toronto Zoo elephant transport plan. The elephants which are owned by the PEOPLE OF TORONTO not CITY HALL. The third party is of no consequence it is the first party, Iringa Toka and Thika which come first. Have they denied access to the plan from OSPCA? Or CFIA? How is just the OK of AE and the CEO enough to claim this transport plan is ok? How does disclosure of this information affect PAWS of the transport company? SO that they cannot be investigated by the OSPCA or other outside agencies which govern animal welfare in this country?

Iringa – The quiet thinker

Curious, cautious but trusting our elder Toronto Zoo elephant

Curious, cautious but trusting our elder Toronto Zoo elephant

I am not a fan of anthropomorphizing animals in the name of animal rights. Truly the people who know these animals better than anyone are the individuals who have committed their lives to caring for them day in and day out, not people gleaning assumptions from a 1000 miles away based on a photo, a video or someone’s agenda driven opinions.  Iringa  is the zoos’  oldest and wisest of the three ladies at age 44 yrs. Her name I will assume comes from the City of Iringa located in Tanzania. To me Iringa almost always has a look on her face  which just says ” I am not impressed.” It’s as if she’s got things all figured out and is just waiting for the rest of us to catch up to what she already knows. What activists always claim is boredom I see as a creature taking everything in, an observer who takes her time. Iringa is as trusting as she is a cautious thinker. I often think of her as that person in a room who doesn’t say much but is watching everyone and taking everything in.

From keeper talks and social media posts I have gathered a little bit about her so you can learn more about these lovely ladies we are fighting for.

She does not miss a beat, always looking waiting for opportunities to catch the staff off guard. For example, she once snatched a entire 50 lb bag of carrots and the keeper said it was clear Iringa felt victorious! She also snagged a stash of hay someone left close to the gate before feeding time. She will grab things making the job of Iringa’s keeper apparently one where you must be hyper vigilant at all times; her motivation appears to be treats! Or perhaps it is also the challenge and the smug sense of victory of snagging those treats which equally amuses her. She is an absolute opportunist and brilliant according to her caregivers. She catches on faster than the other elephants with new behaviours and does nothing she doesn’t want to; no amount of bribes will work which makes her difficulty adapting to the new crates reason for serious concern. She has a stubborn streak many of us can relate to! I feel as if at this point I am describing my Siamese cat, the similarities are astounding, just substitute chicken breast for hay or carrots and add several thousand pounds.

Iringa is the elephant we worry about the most when it comes to the 4200km road trip. Having just recently recovered from a foot ailment the trip could prove to arduous for her. She was not suffering from what Zoocheck claims is the leading cause of death in captive elephants, a deadly foot infection. As you can see she is still with us thanks to the world class veterinary care of the Toronto Zoo vets. I would like Zoocheck to evidence their foot infection claims with some kind of study or proof. It is the same foot ailment which pro paws councillors used to lobby last summer for an immediate transport claiming that the soft grass at PAWS would cure it. I would like to see the science on that as well. And it is the same foot ailment Councillor Cho used last summer in an attempt to force the transport of the elephants on a Russian Cargo plane which did not have a properly pressurized cargo hold. Just 7 months ago Zoocheck claimed in their lobby to the Department of Defense that a 4200km road transport would be too hard on Iringa, now it seems out of desperation Council, Zoocheck and PAWS are willing to overlook this concern.

Iringa is Toka’s best friend and dominant over her. She has Thika’s respect but still isn’t completely comfortable immediately next to Thika. When Thika is sleeping at night lying down, Iringa will stand very near her assuming that protective role of older and wiser.  Keepers say you never hear her vocalize like the other two but they do hear her rumble or feel her rumble occasionally, she is the quiet one. It is hard to imagine given the strong friendship between Toka and Iringa how they would adjust to a new home if one or the other did not survive the journey, they have been best friends for 40 years.

Because there is always so much to discuss

Because there is always so much to discuss

slide show Toka and Iringa Best friends forever